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Italian American Civic Association

Watertown, New York


The purpose of this organization are to maintain and foster in the City of Watertown, New York, an interest in civic, social and political affairs, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals and conception of Americanism to foster in every way possible everything that tends to bring about brotherhood of its members in a manner that there may evolve from the perfect fusion of all their energies the necessary powers that safeguard their interest as citizens and for the mutual benefits of its members and to the City of Watertown at large.

Through the medium of an active program and through its own prestige, the Association will:

Maintain on a high level the culture of its members and through the medium of suitable lectures and conferences inculcate in its members all those principals that might lead to the development of their characters and tend to elevate to a higher degree their standing in the community.

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